The Best Hamster cages of 2023 – Top 10 picks!

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Hamsters are one of the best animals to keep as pets. These rodents are fun, easy to handle, and cute. If you want to let your kids explore their childhood, you should have a hamster at home.

Every hamster owner knows how adorable and manageable these little pets are.

And what’s better than providing them with a spacious, entertaining, and adventurous habitat where they can sleep, play, hide, and grow?

There are many cages available on the market, but we narrowed down 10 options that we think qualify for the best hamster cage.



This best hamster cage can be the ideal home for your hamster. It comes with everything you need for a good hamster house. The small animal will love to live in it.

The cage comes with some pet products like a food dish, play tubes, a water bottle, and an exercise wheel.

The Ferplast Hamster Cage is designed to keep your small animal playful and busy. Also, it provides easy access to your pet so that you can interact and play with it. This habitat is easy to clean as well, which adds to its list of qualities. In other words, cleaning the small animal home will not be a chore.

To clean the litter. All you have to do is unlock the cage’s bottom and shove the dirt into the bin. It’s quite efficient and simple. The cage has two doors through which you can refill the food and water bowl easily.



This cage could be deemed as a hamster paradise. It is one of the best hamster cages out there, helping your rodent become more immune to his surroundings. It has plenty of space to allow your pet to roam around freely and get all the exercise he needs.

It has a base that doesn’t allow the dirt to slip off and mess your bedroom or bathroom area. This adds to the features one should look for when making a purchase.

Like most pet cages, this one’s plastic, which makes cleaning easy. And it comes with accessories that any pet lover will find handy. Overall, it gives your pet a natural environment inside your home.



This is the perfect cage for Syrian hamsters.

One fine feature of the Marchioro Goran 82 is the small-sized wire spacing that keeps the hamsters from slipping off or running away. And it comes with some accessories to aid you in caring for the pet more effortlessly. It has a food dish, water bottle, door lock, running wheel, Kim tube, and two clips.

A huge front door gives you access to your pet with ease and comfort. Also, this helps you in the easy cleaning of the hamster cage. This hamster habitat would be quite an ideal place for the little fella. And it is one of the best wire cages on the market.



This hamster cage is quite spacious for a dwarf hamster to run and play. When it comes to dwarf hamsters, one big concern is the wire spacing, as they might try to escape through a wider wire space. This problem is solved by this best hamster cage design, as it has small wire space.

It comes with accessories like a water bottle, a food container, a super-fast exercise wheel, hamster bedding, a feeding bowl, and a connecting port to link with other cages. It is quite airy and ventilating. Also, the deep base is see-through, so you can watch your pet nesting and playing.

The bottom base can be easily detached to clean the cage. It is divided into two floors. Both are quite roomy. Your small, cute pet will have good quality time playing and running around the Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage.



This particular hamster cage provides enjoyment for both your kids and their hamsters. It has all the essentials that a hamster cage requires.

This cage will be a dream home for your hamster. The material used for the cage is completely non-toxic. Hence, this is a haven for your little buddies. GNB Pet DIY Hamster Habitat doesn’t come with extra tunnels and accessories.



Moving on, the Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is popular for its size. The cage is pretty airy and spacious, giving enough room to the hamsters to play and roam without bumping into each other!

You can also rearrange the accessories that come in the package. Every time your little pet gets bored, a quick rearrangement will give him a new surrounding.

Also, you will save a few bucks since accessories provided with the cage would cost more if purchased separately. Accessories include a hamster wheel, a tunnel, food bowls, a water bottle, and a penthouse. In addition to this, the cage has handles to carry your little pets wherever you go.



This one is an amazing travel cage, constructed in a way that lets in light. This is basically a transparent plastic cage and quite ventilating. Your cute hamsters would love this travel habitat. Also, the manufacturer provides an exercise wheel and food/water containers.

The frame construction is sturdy enough to sustain a long period. Also, it is lightweight, which allows you to carry the cage around with ease and comfort.

Kaytee CritterTrail is recommended for small animals like mice or dwarf hamsters. Moreover, you can get it at a reasonable price.



This is one of the best hamster cages as it is a multi-level cage. Its easy assembly allows a quick setup for your pet. Adding to this, the chew-proof lock ensures your pets’ safety. Considering the hamsters’ health, the metal wire used in it is combined with a non-toxic polish. So if your pet tries to bite, he will stay safe from any harmful effects.

Kaytee First Home Multi-Level Hamster Habitat is also considered one of the best plastic cages. Since it is a multi-layered cage, the ramps are easy to climb. Every time the little animals try to climb up the levels, they will have fun while staying safe. Cleaning and maintenance of this cage are easy as well.



This cage has a simple, classic look. It is easy to handle and elegant. Cage Prevue has two hideouts designed in a small house layout connected with two ladders that resemble a slide ramp. Also, it is designed for durability if handled with care. This cage accommodates a classic hamster wheel that would keep your furry pet on the roll.

Prevue pet products live up to their claims. So you can safely purchase this cage without worrying about the quality.

This will definitely be an exciting place for your hamster as there are platforms and hideouts to play and hide. The cage has a front door for easy and quick access to your pet. Also, it includes a deep base that is detachable, which makes it easier to snap off and clean. The wire meshes can easily be wiped with a damp cloth.



This is another travel cage designed specifically to ensure the safe and sound traveling of your little pet. It has two handles to get a good grip of the cage on the go. This plastic cage is quite airy and ventilated as well.

The cage features a top open space with holes. Plastic cages like these provide ample space for the cozy bedding of your hamster. The top open lid functions at a single press or clicks to lock. To clean, you can simply remove the top half of the cage.

The cage also has two top handles aid you in carrying this little pet carrier around. The plastic in this cage is durable. The floor is rigged so that the hamster does not slip off while you carry the cage.

Overall, this is a comfortable pet carrier for trips to the vet or children’s school.

Honorary Mentions

Still looking for hamster cages? Here are three more options:

Cristal Hamster Habitat

This model has been made by world-famous hamster cage manufacturer Habitrail.

The hideout is perfect for entertaining a hamster within the boundaries of the pet cage. This version of the hamster cage comes in handy while cleaning as it has round corners and is a perfect source of air circulation. It features a safety lock and connectors and provides a complete view of the pet inside.

You can add accessories like hamster toys, exercise balls, beddings, treats, supplies, little tanks etc.

Kaytee Critter Trail Triple Play Habit

Kaytee Critter Trail is an expandable system large enough to accommodate a hamster, mouse, or gerbil. It can create three different challenging spaces: a tower, a tunnel, or an arch to keep your pet engrossed and lively. It looks amazing, and the contents that come along are compatible with almost all Critter Trail cages.

The distance of the bars is 1/4 inches, adequate for small mice or hamsters. The entry doors will keep your hamster safe and secured as it has spring-loaded locks.

Iris Hamster Cage

This particular cage has a see-through top. Also, a water bottle is included. This kind of carrier has quite sizeable parts with 6.69 * 10.31 * 7.28 inches dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping a hamster in a small floor space would hinder its growth and well-being. Therefore, having a good quality cage would be the best option. Pet cages come in different shapes and sizes, and cage size matters a lot while purchasing. The more compact the space, the more your pet would seek an escape.

These little pets require ventilation and space to move and play. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the best cage for rodents is 30 by 15 by 15 inches. In case you own a Syrian hamster or small dwarf hamster, you may consider the space and floor following the National Hamster Council guidelines.

Hamsters, in general, are quite friendly with humans. However, different breeds react differently towards hamster owners. In general, the Syrian hamsters are the friendliest and fun-loving species. Also, Russian dwarf hamsters are pretty friendly, both to their owners and other hamsters.

Getting a bigger cage is always preferable to keep your hamster happy in its space. Large hamster cages for a Syrian hamster are readily available on the market, but it’s better to get them a cage 24 by 12 inches. Also, the cage should be tall enough, and there should be enough room for them to exercise.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cage for Hamsters

As much as hamsters are fun to have as pets, they require care and affection for nurturing. Also, since they are rodents, they tend to bite off wooden furniture or pretty much anything they can get their teeth on. To keep your pet hamster and furniture safe, it’s better to provide them a habitat where they could play, run, and sleep freely. Here are a few points to consider before you purchase a cage:

Bar Spacing

Bar spacing is essential for a good user experience. Each cage comes with different bar spacing. Of course, a larger bar space would allow your pet to escape, or in another case, they might get their limbs trapped. Therefore, it is preferable to have small bar spacing so that the hamster can’t escape. This will also prevent them from making a mess of their bedding and hamster food.


Having a cage that is non-toxic and bite-proof is another top feature to consider while making a purchase. If the cage is not chew-proof, the hamster will bite on the plastic and choke himself. Go for a wire cage with a polished coat of non-toxic material to avoid such mishaps.

Easy Cleaning

Easy maintenance is something owners prefer while considering any hamster cage. Since hamsters are mischievous creatures, cleaning the hamster cage daily becomes a tough ordeal. In this regard, the best cage is the wire cage, as they consist of a detachable base and a wire structure that just needs a swipe of a damp cloth.

A hamster cage with lots of tunnels and accessories might be difficult for you to clean as they require assembly of the detached tubes and tunnels that are hard to clean.


A large cage with locked doors is what you should look for. It is also good to have a hamster cage with a top door or a clipping door. This way, it would not open easily with pushes or kicks. Having said that, most of the cages available on the market are made to keep the hamsters inside.

Types Of Cages

Wire structure

These cages are fully secured and have a perfect ventilation system. The bar distance allows air and light, giving the little pet a natural environment. You should opt for heavy wire material and non-toxic coating so that the hamster does not chew the wiring.

Aquarium or Glass tank cage

These are super adorable and elegant as you can see through the glass and observe your pets’ activities. Usually, the uppermost part has an opening system.

Aquarium cages are fun to have. You can place hamster wheels, a ladder, fun toys, or hideaways to decorate the aquarium cage. However, these cages can be heavy due to the material used.

Plastic cage

This material is the most generic of all cages. However, it is quite fun to have because there are so many accessories and stuff to decorate the habitat. The settings could be made and altered as per the requirement. You should look for one with enough air and ventilation. A plastic cage might be hard to clean, though.


Hamsters are easy pets. They do not require much to be nurtured. All you need to find is a good cage with safety measures. You should also look for products that come with accessories and fun features like an exercise ball and toys. Hopefully, this buying guide will help you find the best hamster cage.