The Best Hamster cages of 2021 – Top 10 picks!

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The hamsters are the most famous and adorable rodent pets around the world. Their cuteness allows them to be pet around the globe by uncountable people. They can be petted by almost all people of all age groups, and especially the kids can pet them quickly and without getting afraid. Due to their friendly nature, the hamsters can play a vital role in establishing the love and care for animals and can eliminate the fear children have about the pets.

There are very few pets and animals that require love, affection, care, and a healthy lifestyle, and the hamster is one of them. They are excellent pets and need that love and care around them. So, how to give them that love, care, and a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing much you need to do about that as a cage having all the essential and playable accessories would attract them and would compel them to live and enjoy their lifestyle.

What makes the best hamster cage? The cage should contain the essentials including, liquid drinking bottle, food bowl, having a great amount of vacant space for the hamster, and a wheel for exercise. But, the cages loved by the hamsters are the ones that have multiple floors, so you need to look for the cages that are tall and are multi-story.

The hamsters can escape easily if not placed in a good and protective cage, therefore it is necessary to choose the cage after researching on the internet and getting the knowledge about the desired cage. Whenever you are thinking of pet a hamster and getting a cage, you must know the following things such as the size of the cage, bar space, material, ventilation, style, cleaning, and the last but not the least is the safety.

This article contains the top 10 and the best hamster cages of 2020 and will help you find the best hamster cage for your cute and adorable rodent pet. Let’s have a glance at the top 10 picks of the hamster cages.



The White Ferplast Hamster cage is the small but entertaining cage for the hamster. It is considered to be the best hamster cage in the small cages. The cage can be a joyful and innovative home for the cute rodent pet. If you just got the hamster and need a cage on an immediate basis, then the White Ferplast Hamster cage is the perfect initiator for you.

The cage includes all the accessories that must be included in a hamster cage including, a water bottle, a dish for food, a spot for the hamster to hide itself, the play tubes, and a wheel for exercise. The hamster cage comes with a lot of vacant space to keep the hamster busy and to play and, at the same time, giving you enough angle to watch, observe, and interact with the hamster.

The hamster cage comes with two of the doors, one door lies at the top, and another lies at the front side of the cage. The doors allow the people to do the day to day cleaning rapidly and fill the water bottle and food dish easily. Whenever there is a need to clean the cage and replace or refill the things, you only need to separate the plastic-made base from the upper portion of the cage, and you can do it quickly and efficiently.

Overall, the white Ferplast hamster cage is a good cage but is small and short. The cage comes with the latch on the side, which allows the cage to be easily cleaned. All you need to do is to unlock the latch, and you can do whatever you want to.

The creative and innovative design of the hamster cage, including the smartly designed tunnels and an exercise wheel, keep the hamster healthy, active, and the hiding spot in the cage lets the hamster relax and rest.



The living world deluxe habitat is one of the best hamster cages out there. This is not a rich-featured cage for the hamster but offers some of the best features that make this cage different from other cages. The naturally derived design of the hamster cage provides the hamster an almost natural environment. This natural environment helps the hamster to adapt to the new place and become used to it.

The cage is designed to keep the hamster originating surroundings and includes a lot of elements of them. One of them is the spacious and vacant size of the hamster cage. The size of this hamster cage is two times larger than the minimum-sized hamster cage giving the hamster more than enough space to roam around, exercise and play.

The hamster cage also features a solid plastic-made base and can be cleaned easily. The cage includes many of the accessories, including an appropriate tank of water, a small adorable balcony making the cage more of a home and less like a cage.

The hamster cage does not fall at the high-end side of the hamster cages. But, it is a good choice considering the price tag as it is inexpensive and clean. The durability score of the hamster cage is not impressive and is a drawback of the cage. The cage does not get damaged or broken down easily, but if you lack in the care of the cage, it will break down sooner than expected.

The cage offers a small balcony and an easily accessible ramp, underneath the ramp lies a spot for the hamster to hide and rest. The frame of the hamster cage is constructed of the wires, and the base is made of the plastic. The dimensions of the hamster cage are 46” x 22” x 24”.



The Syrian hamsters are very cute and beautiful rodent pets, and it is not just because of their fur of golden color, but also because they are very joyful and active. The Syrian hamsters love to chew the wood-made cages or furniture, and if you keep them in the wooden cages, they can escape from the cage without any difficulties. This makes this very crucial to buy the best Syrian hamster cage to eliminate their escape chances.

The Marchioro Goran 82 – is the best cage for Syrian hamsters, the cage comes with sturdy bars of metal and is very spacious. The size of the cage is very big and spacious as the cage measures 32.25” x 20” x 16.5”, the dimensions itself tell about the space the cage would have. This cage is designed by keeping the Syrian hamsters in mind and their activities, and the Syrian hamsters are the biggest hamsters among all of the hamsters as they can grow a maximum of 8 inches in length.

The cage does not come with a condition to keep only the Syrian hamsters inside, but also you can keep different types of hamsters into the cage. The bars of the cage has a distance of ½ inch between them, so if you are looking to keep the dwarf and small hamsters inside, you will have to be careful. The dwarf hamsters are very small, and they can escape from the tiny spaces of the cage, and for the dwarf hamsters, you should go for the White Ferplast cage.

The cage features a large front door that opens upwards and makes the cleaning of the hamster cage very easy and effortless. The cage comes with a base of 6-inches, which is enough for the hamster to play around, anti-escape, and the best part is no matter what the hamster would stay in the cage.

The hamster cage comes with some accessories and plenty of space in the cage that allows you to refill the food dish or water bottle easily, and also you can put some toys in the cage to make your hamster play and keep it healthy.



People sometimes get tired of searching the large and multi-floor cage for their hamster but fail to find one. The Ferplast Favola Hamster cage just got your back, the cage has some serious large size and is very suitable for the people finding the same cage, and the cage is designed modularly that allows the cage to be connected to other accessories for the hamster.

The hamster cage comes with all the essential accessories such as a food dish, hamster wheel, a hide-out spot, and a water bottle for the hamster. The cage has a base of 4.75 inches, which prevents the bedding from spreading in the whole cage providing the large hamster space of 340 sq. Inches. The flooring of the cage allows the hamster to do all the activities to keep itself healthy and active.

The cage has the dimensions of 26.3” in length x 14.4” in width x 11.8” in height. The cage features a wheel for exercise that is placed at the center of two floors, if you want to detach the default wheel and attach a larger one, you can do that too as the default wheel can be detached.

The plastic-made top floor and the ladder are totally safe and good for hamsters. The top floor comes with an anti-rust coating of black color, and the space between the bars is very small, measuring ¼ inches, which is good for all the types of hamsters. The hamster cage has a bi-floor structure, whereas the 1st floor can have the space for a water bottle, food dish, and the hide-out for the hamster, and the basement can be used vacant for the hamster to play and exercise.

The cage comes with a door on the 1st floor, which allows you to clean the cage and fill the water bottle and food dish quickly and easily. If you need to make the whole cage dirt-free and tidy, you can simply unclip the latches from the sides and can clean the cage easily.

The transparent base allows you to keep your hamster busy and healthy by filling the basement with bedding so that the hamster can get satisfied and can be given a home-like environment.



The GNB pet DIY hamster habitat is one of the best hamster cages available in the market. It is almost perfect for the hamsters such as gerbil and chinchilla, and they are keen on running in the tunnels and love to play around the cage and tubes. The GNB pet DIY hamster cage is very attractive and colorful, and it comes in multiple ranges of colors. The cage has a large spacious room fort playing and offers the comfortable DIY tunnel system, and the cage is like a complete zone of adventure.

The tunnels provided in the cage are the best part as they help the hamster in getting used to the surroundings and mimic the natural environment of the hamster. The cage comes with an easy-to-access door and allows you to do everything you need to do in the cage easily and frequently.

The cage of hamster is customizable and modular as it can expand by connecting to the additional accessories. To connect the accessories, you don’t need any special tools or things. You just need to connect the pieces with each other and create the imaginary cage you wanted.

The cage has some very good dimensions as it measures 20” in length x 12.5” in width x 15” in height. The spacing between the wires of the cage is ideal and good as the gap is of just 0.5,”, which is nice and almost perfect for the ideal cage. The tubes are very spacious to make sure the hamster can get pass them easily as they have a diameter of 2 inches. The cage has the plastic-made base and the metal wires, which are coated with powder. The cage can be removed by pulling the latches form the sides.



The LIXIT animal care hamster heaven metro cage comes with a lot of features and good specifications. The very first thing to love and note about the cage is that the cage comes with a flat plastic-made base instead of the metal-wired base. It is a good point as by walking on the wired surface, the feet of the hamster can be injured and can be the victim of infection.

The cage comes with a smartly designed tunnel setup and would compel your hamster to do some workout in order to get past those tunnels. The hamster cage comes with a lot of accessories that make this cage highly ranked among the cages. The cage would give your hamster a joyful and entertaining experience.

The cage features an innovational design and includes all the essential and extra accessories such as a drinking bottle, a feeding bowl, tubes, litter box, pathways, hide-outs, penthouse, and an exercise wheel. The cage is customizable as the parts can be replaced with other parts.

The bars are very closed to each other and provides less bar-spacing. It has a door at the front, and the penthouse is a great addition to the cage’s design. The cage is spacious and would provide a lot of vacant space to the hamster to play and do the exercise.

The cage has the dimensions of 31.5 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 20 inches in height. These dimensions depict the size and space of the hamster cage. Overall the cage is good and would be of great value.



There are very few hamster cages that compel your mind to give you a positive first thought, and the Kaytee CritterTrail portable petite Habitat is that hamster cage. It is very amazing and beautiful from the inside and from the outside. The cage is designed to make sure the sufficient availability of light as the bars have enough space to the light into the cage, and the plastic-made body also helps to do so, and the cage comes with a lot of traveling elements and tunnels that it would have the hamster in love with the cage.

The cage comes with a water bottle, food container, and an exercise wheel. The bottle of water can get leaked sometimes if you move the cage around frequently. The cage is constructed of durable and lightweight materials and can even be carried by a kid. The cage is perfect for traveling and for the outing.

The cage does not have much of the space and is not meant for large and big-sized animals. It can be the habitat for the small animals as the cage has the dimensions of 8” x 12.5” x 7.5”. The cage is perfect for small animals and is the best among small cages.



The Kaytee First Home Multi-level hamster habitat is another best hamster cage from Kaytee. The cage has multiple spots and ladders inside the cage. It can be assembled easily like in just a minute, you can get the cage ready and the hamster inside the cage.

The cage has the dimensions of 30.5” in length x 18” in width x 30” in height; the cage features a chew-resistant lock that is very beneficial in protecting the hamster and keeping the health of hamster maintained. The cage is built with sturdy wiring of metal; the wires have ½ inches of spacing. It is a combination of plastic and metal and provides a great experience.

The hamster cage can be maintained and cleaned easily and quickly with the front-placed downward-opening door. The ramps inside the cage are made of soft material and would provide easy walking to the hamster.

The cage comes at reasonable and less price. If you are in need of a cage that costs less and provides better quality, then this cage is the one for you.



The Prevue Hendryx Deluxe hamster cage is a beautiful and smartly designed cage. This cage is complete and spacious habitat for the hamster. The cage includes beautifully designed two hide-out spots for the hamsters to give them rest and a place to hide.

The cage includes the small houses and ladders and comes with a large amount of space for the hamsters to exercise and keep themselves healthy. The cage also features an exercise wheel and a plastic-made base. The base top of the cage is made of the metal wires having less space between them so that the hamster can be protected.

The cleaning and maintenance of the cage can be done quickly as the cage has a front door for rapid cleanings refilling of the water and food dishes. The cage comes with latches on both sides of the cage. If you need to change the litter or clean the entire cage, you can simply unclip the latches and do your thing.

The dimensions of the cage are 22.5 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 12.5 inches in height. The cage is good overall but lacks some of the features.



The Hagen Living World Per Carrier is the best traveling and outing cage for hamsters. The first thing that comes in your mind after the first look is about the build, which is sturdy and durable. The cage is small and can be used for small or dwarf hamsters.

The cage has the dimensions of 11.8 inches x 9 inches x 8.3 inches, the dimensions are small, and so is the cage. The cage is very light and comfortable to carry. This cage features two handles at the top that provides the best grip to the cage. The cage is constructed of strong plastic and have lesser chances of getting damaged.

The comfort score of the cage is high enough and is spacious; the ventilation of the cage is very amazing and keeps the hamster happy. The rigged floor of the cage prevents the hamster from slipping and provides a great grip to the feet of a hamster.

The cage is safe and inexpensive, providing you the best experience of keeping the hamster fine and shine. The vast opening situated at the top of the cage allows the user to access the inside easily, and the lid is transparent, providing you a great angle to look inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What cage is best for a Syrian hamster?

The Syrian hamsters are big in size and can grow up to 8 inches in length, the best hamster cage for the Syrian hamster is the LIXIT Savic Hamster heaven metro cage. It has all that is desired to keep the Syrian hamster happy and healthy.


Q2. Which type of hamster is the friendliest?

The Syrian hamsters are the friendliest. If you take good care of them and provide them with all the essentials and love, affection, and sympathy, they would be very attached to you and would not disappoint you.


Q3. What size cage does a hamster need?

The size of the cage varies by the breed of the hamster. The Syrian hamsters require large space and size as they are themselves big and can grow even bigger; for them, the size should be 360 square inches. If you pet a Chinese or dwarf hamster as they are small so you would not need a bigger sized cage as the cage measuring 288 square inches would be enough.


Q4. Are tanks or cages better for hamsters?

Yes! The cages and glass tanks both are good for hamsters. But, the glass tanks are even better as the glass tanks provide great protection of hamsters and protect them from the children, other animals, etc. The glass tanks are a little expensive but a good option.