Many people ask us if their hamster is sad in a cage, and we always answer the same. Yes, they are! That’s because your hamster has no other choice than to live in a small cage for an entire day. We all know how happy you feel when you have free space and places to explore. Like humans, animals also suffer from depression and loneliness if they’re not living in a good environment. Let’s have a look at how you can determine if your hamster is sad in or not in a cage. 

Signs Your Hamster Is Sad and Unhappy

1. Your Hamster is Biting Their Cage

The most obvious sign that your hamster is not happy in a cage is if it bites the cage or any of its accessories. If your hamster has started biting the cage, it’s because they are not getting what they want, and they’re trying to communicate this to you. This means that your hamster is very uncomfortable, and you need to make some changes in their environment before it’s too late. One of the easiest ways for you to find out if your hamster is sad or not is by visiting a pet store and looking at all the available cages.

2, You Notice That Your Hamster is Not Eating

This is the second most common sign that your hamster is unhappy. If you look for food only to have your hamster not eat, you need to take care of all their needs. This means that you need to provide them with water, shelter, fresh food, and a good environment.

3, Your Hamster is Laying on the Bottom of Their Cage

If your hamster starts getting used to being on the bottom of their cage, it means that they are used to being touched by people and other animals. They are very sad about this fact because this isn’t normal for hamsters. If it happens, often change their sleeping area for a new one.

4. You have Noticed Less Playtime for Your Hamster

If you notice that your hamster is not playing with you anymore, then this is a severe sign that they are mad or madder. They are probably using their free time to create some new infrastructure in the cage. After all, being bored is one of the most dangerous emotions for hamsters.

5. Your Hamster’s Fur Looks Dull and Dirty

If your hamster’s fur looks dull and dirty, then make sure that they get enough food and water. You can also provide them fresh air, which will also help their fur to look shiny again.

6. You Noticed that your hamster is not making any noise, or it looks disoriented

If you notice that your hamster is not making any sounds, then this means that they are not OK. Often the reason for this is because your hamster has gotten separated from their family. Try to put them back together as soon as possible!

6. You Noticed that your hamster is not making any noise, or it looks disoriented

If you notice that your hamster is not making any noise or looking disoriented, this means that they are sick, and you need to bring them to a vet. Never let a sick hamster be. They need immediate help from a professional. But if you have raised your hamster from birth and they have never been sick, then you can probably be sure that they are mad at their cage.

Are Hamster Wheels Cruel?

Hamsters are intelligent animals. They are social animals, and they love to be with their family. Realizing that they need time alone to rest or even to play, hamsters will often move into a small area of their cage just for themselves, which is why you must give them enough space in the cage.

Your hamster needs exercise, relaxation, and time out of the cage sometimes, but these activities only need to get done once every few days. Hamster’s cages should ideally be large enough for your little friend to run around in safely, yet small enough so they won’t spend too much time running around outside of their cage. Also, make sure their cage is always clean and well-ventilated.

Some people say that hamster wheels are cruel as they keep them from moving as much as they would like to, but this isn’t the case. It’s very similar to a screen cage – your hamster still gets to exercise and explore, but they can also return to their cage for a rest whenever they want and look out the window whenever and wherever they feel like it. The fact is, no matter what type of hamster wheel you buy – whether it’s a wheel your hamster puts into itself or one that the hamster rotates – these little critters aren’t going anywhere.

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Getting to know whether your hamster is sad or not can be very simple and fun for you and your little friend. Remember that your hamster’s cage should be as large as possible but not too much more significant; you should give them a lot of room to run around and make sure it remains clean and dry all the time. Once you know these things, it should be much easier to keep your pet happy and healthy.