Some of the cleaning duties for a hamster cage can be difficult, especially if you have a large cage. However, the most appropriate time schedule for cleaning hamster cages is once a week. 

The best way to clean a hamster cage is by removing them from their habitat and cleaning each part separately. Make sure you know where all the parts go. Use warm soapy water and wash all plastic wheels and food dishes, then wipe down the wire wheel with a wet cloth.

What Is The Appropriate Size For A Hamster Cage? 

The size of the cage depends on the type of hamster and how many hamsters are living in it. A Syrian or dwarf hamster would prefer a 12-inch-by–12-inch area. If your pet is an adult, you must provide him/her with a larger space to run around than just the cage’s floor. The area of a large hamster cage is usually about 24″L x 16″W x 12″H.

Different Styles of Hamster Cages

1. Wire Cages

Wire cages are one of the most common types of cages the pet stores sell. This is also the easiest type to clean because most wire cages are designed in such a way that you can remove each part and clean them separately. The bars are usually made out of plastic-coated metal wire and can be cleaned by running warm soapy water through them. If your hamster chews on the bars make sure to replace any bar that has been damaged.

2. Plastic Cages

Plastic wire cages don’t usually require much maintenance compared to their metal counterparts. This style of the cage is ideal for those with pets that are not destructive. This type of cage also has a lid so that the hamster can enjoy privacy when it is inside the home.

3. Glass Cages

Glass hamster cages are ideal for people that want to see their pet while it is inside the cage. This is also suitable for those who are concerned about hygiene issues because glass hamster cages can be fully immersed in water and left to soak overnight. 

How to Properly Clean Hamster Cages?

1. Remove your hamster from its cage and place them in a closed container with no light. This step is important because hamsters are very sensitive to light and have a great need for privacy. 

2. Separate the cage parts and place them in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to remove any bedding material from inside the cage. 

3. Wipe off all remaining bedding and droppings, using a warm soapy water solution. You can use mild dish soap or laundry detergent for this purpose. Make sure that you rinse off all contaminated water when done cleaning and dispose of the wash water in a proper way. 

4. Refill the hamster’s food dish and water bottle with fresh water. Make sure that you change the bedding material, once the cage has been cleaned. 

5. Put the hamster back in its cage and allow it to explore its surroundings for a while before putting any toys and accessories back in to keep them occupied. 

Cleaning Hamster Toys

Hamsters do not require elaborate toys or equipment, but each rodent does have individual preferences. Some of the most common hamster toys include tubes, boxes and wheels. As far as cleaning is concerned, you should remove all toys from the cage and clean them separately, preferably with a mild soapy solution.

How to Reduce Bad Odor in the Hamster Cage?

Eliminating bad odor is a simple process. Use a combination of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Mix one part of each agent with three parts of water. Apply this mixture to the hamster cage and let it soak into the bedding materials for about four hours before rinsing thoroughly with hot water. This method should keep the cage fresh and clean for a longer period of time.

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Cleaning hamster cages is an important task for any pet owner. It is necessary as it would keep the animal refreshed and healthy. However, when it comes to size, cleaning cages become time-oriented. The most preferable way to clean is to use a mild soapy solution along with a foam or a cloth. 

Hope this article was informational and provided you with an easy procedure to clean the cage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many Types Of hamsters Are There?

A. There are several species of hamsters. 

1. Robo Hamsters
2. Chinese Hamsters
3. Syrian Hamsters
4. Russian Dwarf Hamsters.
5. Golden Hamsters 

Q. How long is the gestation period of a hamster?

A. The gestation period of a hamster is 15-16 days. Also, the mating season of a hamster lasts for 4-7 days.

Q. What types of games and accessories can be provided for a hamster?

A. Some of the games and accessories include hamster ball, chew toys, chew sticks, hamster wheel and others.