Weird behaviors of hamsters can be seen as a curiosity and can often be attributed to their social nature. It could also be that they are digesting food or that they are merely resting. Everything about these rodents is weird in one way or another. Maybe it’s worth noting that hamsters are diurnal creatures who typically sleep during the day because they haven’t evolved enough to do otherwise!

List of Weird Hamster Behaviors:

  1. They like to chase and eat hamster balls: When a hamster is bored, it makes its way to its ball and falls asleep while inside. And while sleeping in the ball, it would still chase small objects around the floor of its cage! Quite amusing!
  2. They sleep standing up: Weird, right? It is because they feel more secure sleeping on two feet rather than flat on their backs or stomachs.
  3. They huddle together for warmth: During winter, hamsters huddle together to keep warm. That is also a sign of bonding and socialization, which is crucial for their survival.
  4. They carry their pup wherever they go: Baby hamsters are blind, so the mother would have to carry its pup around. But once the baby grows up to be two or three weeks old, it would begin to follow its mommy’s footsteps. They are so dependent on one another that they even sleep in the same bed!
  5. They love toys: Just like cats, hamsters would love playing with their toys during the day while they are wide awake! The more squeaky, the better
  6. They get scared easily: Compared to other rodents, hamsters are more sensitive towards dangerous objects and sudden movements.
  7. They fall asleep in different positions: They can be seen taking naps on top of their food bowls, in their wheel, in the sink, in their hamster ball!
  8. They love to eat one thing for days: Hamsters are creatures of habit; they would rather eat the same thing over and over again than try something new. That is why they are also known to hoard food!
  9. They like to burrow: If you see your hamster digging or trying to make its way inside a wall or any surface, it is simply trying to make a home for itself! Burrowing is another way of marking their territory that humans see as destruction!
  10. They are relentless runners: It is another sign of their social nature! With the help of their powerful hind legs, they can run long distances to chase their prey.
  11. They are adorable when they are kids: Babies are the cutest things ever! While babies would always be left to themselves most of the time, adults wouldn’t mind getting some naps aside from during the day.
  12. They are intolerant towards people: Once a hamster has grown up enough and become an adult, it would be intolerant towards people, resulting in aggressive and dangerous at times. Don’t you love those temper tantrums?
  13. They squeak when stressed: When they are angry or annoyed, their instinct is to squeak!

Hamsters Sleeping During the Day

It is a fundamental and interesting question. Why do so many people think that hamsters don’t sleep at night? There are a couple of reasons for this misconception. The main reason is that we see them waking up early in the morning, and we assume that they must be awake during daylight hours. That is not always the case.

It’s best to observe your hamster’s habits for an extended period before you can effectively answer this question. If you have ever had a pet hamster before, you probably already know that they tend to be nocturnal. While they might wake up early in the morning or late at night, don’t expect them to wake up during the day just because it’s light outside. Hamsters are crepuscular animals that are highly active during dawn and dusk. At these times, their senses are heightened, and they become more active while being on alert for predators or other dangers. For a hamster, daytime is a time to rest and prepare for nightfall.

If you have a pet hamster and have never taken the time to observe its behavior, don’t feel bad. Many people have mistakenly thought that their pet hamster was awake during the day because it was moving around in its cage or playing its ball. In actuality, your hamster might have been sleeping in his ball during the day while he has been awake at night. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every hamster is nocturnal since some species are genuinely diurnal animals active during the day.

The third reason why people might think that hamsters don’t sleep at night is that they see them as nocturnal animals and assume that they do not sleep during daylight hours. For the majority of people, this is a common misconception. In reality, hamsters are crepuscular animals who are highly active during dawn and dusk (this also includes newly domesticated breeds), and their natural sleeping hours usually last from early morning to midnight. Since it’s challenging to observe a hamster actively at night due to its small size and the fact that it usually moves around its cage or ball, we tend to think that it can’t be asleep during the day as well.

Many owners think that their pets need toys to play with to stay entertained and happy in their cages. It may be the case for some animals but not for hamsters because they need to be well-rested to stay active and healthy! Hamsters also sleep during the day because it helps regulate their body’s circadian rhythms (the one responsible for determining our natural “sleep” pattern).

So as you can see, all these weird hamster behaviors are just natural. Hamsters are simply trying to be as happy as they can be in their way! Just give them food, water, and a place to sleep; they’ll do the rest!

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As you can see, hamsters are super unique in the animal kingdom since they are nocturnal, social, curious, playful, and highly intelligent animals. Even though they are small in size, they might look frightening to people, but they are amiable creatures! Don’t let that happen since it would be a terrible mistake to mistreat your hamster in any way! They don’t deserve it! Just be patient when dealing with them because their size can give you the impression that you need to be mean or violent towards them.

So if you’re looking for a pet, there’s no better choice than a hamster.